I should point-out that I've requested membership in The American Pencil Collectors Society, and am currently reading The Pencil, a history of design and circumstance, by Henry Petroski (a little tedious, but through historical study), Knopf Books, 1989. As a result, I've begun to consider myself a potential collector of sorts; the idea of opening a physical pencil museum has a certain appeal to my eclectic nature: perhaps a little storefront in a small town on the Oregon coast! (This state and California produce the incense cedar used to manufacture pencils in the USA.) Surely the remaining pencil manufacturers would see fit to support this venture and stock the gift-shop! Rotating exhibitions of pencil-art would grace the walls. The popular fascination with ecology and reinvented government and their personification in Thoreau, whose family was afterall a major pencil manufacturer, suggests at least a fashionable resurgence for the humble pencil. These wired folks have an interest in pencils too: Doug Martin, Stephen Axbey, Andrew Westberg,